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The One Goal

The One Goal’s vision is to become a unique worldwide charitable organization that uses an authentic process within the women’s game to achieve it.

Our mission at The One Goal is to work locally and internationally to raise funds from the women’s game which we will put back by donating to help organizations that are using sports as a method to help people and their communities. Our goal is to encourage and support future generations to give them more of a chance to reach their dreams not only in their chosen sport but also in their life goals.

The popularity of women’s football continues to grow worldwide and The One Goal will help put the players on the map by raising funds selling authentic merchandise to the fans. Our charitable organization will then use the f unds raised to benefit projects within the game and other projects which stand for our values. Dedicating our efforts from the grassroots upwards, we can help the game advance and provide more opportunities for women and girls who wish to follow their dreams.

A message from Daniela

A dream came true. My dream of a small charitable organization focusing on supporting others and having a unique approach. Before I met Hedvig, I just had an idea, not a plan. But from their on, it has been going step by step. Small steps, but with incredible support through all the challenges we have encountered and had come more of our ways. We will happily face them as we have "The One Goal" insight: Helping others.

I couldn't have done this alone. And didn't want to. Volunteering for such a great cause and doing this next to amazing people, is a wonderful experience, which is enriching my life.

Hedvig, who is not only one of the best goalkeepers in the world and a legend already, she is also a wonderful person who values her family, friends, and teammates in a huge way. But she also cares for more. For people who don't have the privileges we have. So connecting our ideas together and founding The One Goal, is one way to give back. To help others. Gratefully.

The One Goal exists. Because of the great involvement and support from Hedvig. Because of all our amazing volunteers who daily bring in time, skills and ideas. Because of all the players who donated an item or in the future want to donate. Because of all you "our partners" who support us immensely. Because of all of you, who follow us, share our journey and talk about it. Because of all the continuous support from my family and friends to keep doing what I love. Because of you all, this is possible.

We are small but unique. We put all our passion and time into it to grow healthy and steady. To do good. To give back to where everything comes from. To support people. To support. And love.

Thank you for everything. Love Daniela